The previous sequence corresponds to the first but rotated by 180 degrees.
On the night of June 24th 1990 an unusual concentration of large fireflies was recorded in the Šárka Valley. If I remember correctly, the entire event took place over the course of a few short hours – say, between 10 in the evening and 2 in the morning. Simultaneously several other important events occured, which currently I cannot recall. It was my name day and I was drunk. Sex ensued. That day, Sportka lottery’s first round drew the following numbers: 21, 13, 28, 26, 17, 41 and 33, in the second round, the draw was 36, 45, 19, 38, 24, 8 
and 37.
If I remember correctly, the entire event took place at the beginning of July 1990.

The previous sequence consists of three thousand separate images arranged randomly. Each lasts 40 milliseconds, which corresponds to the frame rate of the European PAL system. The variations in the positions of the individual points, outlining a two-dimensional space, expire exactly after two minutes. Although we ostensibly see several points simultaneously, only one is actually there. The rest are mere phantoms, lingering briefly on our retinas. If we were able to hold onto these phantoms longer, the white spots would completely fill the grid.

The previous sequence is the original film, running backwards. None of the images on the same timeline overlap, similar to the following sequence:
120/1, 119/2, 118/3 (etc, up to 1/120).

The previous sequence is a perfect mirror of the first part of the film. In this part each prototype has an identical twin, located elsewhere in the timeline. None of the images on the same timeline overlap.

ResolutionCE from Jan Serych on Vimeo.

Resolution, 2011, video installation, Lies and Layers, Hunt Kastner Artworks, Prague